Cal Day 2008

Miles and I had a great time yesterday at Cal Day, UC Berkeley’s campus-wide open house. Miles got to play with a 15 foot python, had cockroaches and stick bugs walking all over him, went fishing for lizards (I remember when my brother and I used to make lizard fishing poles out of car antennas and fishing line), watched his own voice dance on the screen of an oscilloscope, experimented with the Bernoulli principle (a ball floating on a column of air), experienced his first drinking bird, created a miniature earthquake, built an Indian boli, and almost got conked by the physics experiment below – I turned around to get my camera out of its bag and heard a clunk and some gasps – he had been pulling on the steel balls and the whole thing came off the table and wound up around his neck! Fast reactions – he caught the frame with his hands.


Afterwards, went to a musical performance of The Emperor Has No Clothes at the historic Julia Morgan Theater.

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  1. A friend of mine is the director of the tech museum summer camps out your way. The camp is part of Galileo Education Services. They do some really interesting things for kids of all ages. See:

    Steph is an awesome person. She’s really taken life by the horns. I haven’t had the chance to see her with kids, but her personality is dynamite, and a place that does what Galileo does with people like Steph can’t possibly go wrong. It looks like a place Miles would really dig(g).

  2. Hey, we’re actually already looking at the Camp Galileo offerings, and you’re right – the offerings are dynamite. It’ll be tough to choose a track. Thanks for tipping the hat!

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