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Diving into Leopard over the past few days… there’s so much to discover, lurking just below the surface. Kind of overwhelmed. After getting over initial dislike of the menu bar and Dock “improvements,” it’s going to take a while to digest all the hidden or semi-hidden functional changes. Some are obvious, others, not so much.

Tonight, came across an upcoming event in, which I wanted to add to iCal. When I went to select the relevant words, a couple lines of plain text grew a magical “more” arrow, and offered to send the event straight to iCal for me. So slick and well thought-out. This is the kind of touch that made Apple Apple. Love it.

Lots more Leopard thoughts TK.

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  1. It’s great Apple makes products for the common user who is uncommonly wealthy.

    I’m sure Leopard will be a big hit in the developing world. ;)

  2. Good luck getting almost any of the mod cons you and I enjoy into the developing world.

    Like this?

    Ubuntu happily runs on a Pentium 2 with >128MB of RAM. Apple arbitrarily killed Leopard on anything less than a G4 667.

    Governments in the developing world are evaluating Ubuntu (and other Linux distros) for use in schools and offices. Apple isn’t even a consideration. The cost barrier to entry is far too high.

    Apple claims they want to change the world of computing, and perhaps they do. But not enough to sacrifice a little profit in the interest in the computing access for the less fortunate. Steve can say whatever he wants, but profit is the real motivator here. Don’t kid yourself.

    It feels *really* good to work on something that can benefit everyone, not just those able to afford a brand new, state of the art computer every 4 years.

    Just sayin’.

  3. Like this?

    No – like the house you live in, like the car you drive, like the TV you watch, like the food you eat, like the broadband you enjoy, like the library in your city…

    My point was that criticizing Apple or MS for not being able to adequately address the developing world is a red herring. Yes, a free operating system is a wonderful thing and makes a great contribution, but to criticize Apple or MS for making products that are out of reach to the developing world is to single them out unfairly from the entire range of mod cons we enjoy that people in the developing world cannot. Are you similarly critical of Loews for not putting up cheap theaters, and of VW for not putting out cheap cars, and so on…?

  4. I’d be critical of VW if they arbitrarily made it impossible for a consumer to change the oil in a car after 3 years simply to drive more auto sales, yes.

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