Looking Glass

Birdhouse Hosting congratulates long-time user (and frequent commenter on this blog) Jim Strickland, who just had his first novel, Looking Glass published by Flying Pen Press.

Dr. Catherine Farro, or “Shroud,” as she is known online, is a 40-year-old paraplegic. She works in a virtual reality tank on the security team for a large discount store chain. Friday, payday, she is attacked in the virtual world, where violent hackers run rampant. …

Way to go Jim! Huge congrats.

Music: Phyllis Dillon :: Woman of the Ghetto

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  1. Mr. Strickland’s novel, Looking Glass, can be purchased at http://www.FlyingPenPress.com. If you would rather go to a bookstore, please note the ISBN: 978-0-9795889-0-7. All of us at Flying Pen Press are proud to offer James R. Strickland’s first novel. On behalf of Mr. Strickland and myself, thank you very much for your encouraging words.

    David A. Rozansky
    Flying Pen Press Science Fiction

  2. Looks cool, I just ordered it from the Flying Pen website :)

    BTW, those looking for another great, “one step in to the future” novel should certainly check out Vernor Vinge’s Rainbow’s End. I’m in the middle of it now and it already has me nervous about being a senior citizen… heh

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