iPhone Ads

Apple has started pushing the iPhone on TV. Probably nothing you haven’t seen already, but damn, the presentation is sooooo fine. The Calamari ad ties it all together with silk — portable video, geolocation, maps as bridge to… the lowly phone call (it can make phone calls too? Damn!)

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5 Replies to “iPhone Ads”

  1. LOL – Good one Mark. :)

    But I personally am not concerned by the fact that the purchaser’s identity is embedded in DRM-free iTunes tracks. I’ve heard some commentators say this amounts to a form of DRM. I don’t buy that, as there is no “management” going on. Whether it’s cause for concern is another matter. But if I give a DRM-free track to you and you give it to a friend and he gives it to another friend who puts it on P2P networks and it gets distributed widely… no court is going to hold me responsible for its proliferation, nor can it be proven that I was the proliferator.

    I’d prefer that my name not be in the track, but I’m not worried that this will become a problem for anyone, except in some potentially extreme or clear-cut instances.

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