Rocket to Mars

Miles and I made a rocketship a few weekends ago. It was all his idea – he saw a pile of cardboard on the curb and said “Daddy let’s make a rocket!” Outta nowhere. Lots of cutting and taping and gluing and painting (yes, much of the paint ended up on his legs and on the deck). Had to go online to remind myself how to make a cone (just cut out 1/4 pie from a disc and it’ll curve up nicely). A brave knight’s helmet will service in a pinch as a space helmet. Great weekend project. Of course it’s been sitting in the garage since that day…. but it’s the fun of making that matters.

Miles Rocket1   Miles Rocket2   Miles Rocket3

Yesterday was his “four and a half-est birthday,” which called for the making of a cake covered in green frosting grass. Make make make. That’s all we do around here lately. And I love that. He still talks about last year’s Maker Faire, and we’re pumped to go again this May.

Music: Sweet Honey In The Rock :: Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Stayed On Freedom

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  1. Scot, happy half birthday to Miles! Let us know when you head over to the Maker Faire this year. We’ll be there! And even if we’re not there on the same day, we’d love to have you over to our house (a maker’s project itself) and grill something up. We’ve got lots of scraps and things to build stuff out of too.

  2. Birds beware.
    Expect me up there.
    Me and air are feeling light today!

    Jets should hide.
    I’ll fly alongside.
    Me and pride are holding tight today!

    I’ve been set off by a pretty little girl!

    I’m like a rocket from a bottle shot free!
    I’ve been just explosive since you lit me.
    I’ve been up with the larks,
    I’ve been shooting off sparks,
    and I’m feeling in love!

  3. Amy Yang – still haven’t had a chance to watch this with him. One eve soon!

    Dylan – Will definitely hook up with you at this year’s MF. And the grillin’ can be mutual.

    mnep – XTC? Them’s great words.

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