2 Replies to “SXSW 2007 Images”

  1. Awwww man! You get to hang out in my hometown again this year :)

    Loved the picture of looking straight up at the inside of the dome of the State Capital. Can’t remember how many times I’ve done that as a kid. (BTW, that 10 Commandments monument isn’t historic or anything – it wasn’t even erected until after I was born)

    You still got that email I sent last year with restaurant suggestions ?

  2. Yeah, I heard that there were a bunch of excuses why it was supposedly OK that the 10 Commandments were there. Apparently it was a gift from Hollywood, had been actually used in Charlton Heston’s film, and that somehow made it different. I totally did not get that line of reasoning.

    Sorry, don’t have your email from last year handy, though it may be in the archives on this site if you posted it here. And besides, I’m back in CA now :)

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