Bush or No Bush?

Dave Winer, on how to buy Bush out of office early:

I just got off the phone with Sylvia, who passed on a great idea that just might work, to help George Bush leave office early. Here’s how it goes. We all contribute to a fund, that hopefully would contain a lot of money, say $150 million. If Bush resigns on the first day, he gets the whole $150 million. Every day he waits, the fund goes down by 10 percent, so there’s a real incentive for him to act quickly. On Day 2 it’s worth only $135 million. On Day 3, $121.5 million. And so on. It’s kind of a simplified version of Deal or No Deal.

I love the idea! I’d kick in $5K.

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2 Replies to “Bush or No Bush?”

  1. Urggh, Dave Winer. I used to read his blog in the late ’90s until he got so carried away with frenzied Clinton-bashing during the whole impeachment fracas that I turned off the channel. I thought he was a fool to complain about Clinton’s ethics and ignore the machinations of the Repugnicans behind the scandal. He certainly has changed his tune — “…the turning point for the Democrats was when Clinton took off the gloves. He is still the leader of the party, Pelosi and Reid would be wise to use his credibility within their party, and the nostalgia we all feel for the days of his leadership, as flawed as it was. The flaws fade over time, he looks better every day.” from http://www.scripting.com/2006/11/09.html

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