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Greencone Cooltools on the Solarcone Green Cone: “Regular composters are notoriously picky: no bones, no meat, no oil, no avocado pits or shells, no citrus peels, no dairy products. The Green Cone happily devours all that stuff, which means that pretty much all your kitchen waste can go in it, right now. File and forget.”

This kind of thing should be standard-issue equipment on all new home construction. Downside (or upside, depending on your needs): Its breakdown of organic waste seems to be total – you don’t get any yummy composted soil out the other end (but click More to read the company’s response to my question on this).

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Hi Scot:

The Green Cone will not make a heck of a lot of compost – it was designed to digest food and basically make it “go away”. It will only need to be emptied every 4-5 years and when you do, it is really rich material. However, sometimes people are looking for a proper composter and I don’t want them to be disappointed.

Next month we will be offering a new product, the Green Johanna, which is a composter. It’s a good unit – it was developed in Sweden and works even in subzero temperatures. We believe it compliments the Green Cone nicely.

Thanks for your interest! We’ll be sure to add that to the FAQs section.

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  1. Seemed strange that I’d never heard of the Green Cone in oh so green Davis… made perfect sense once I read the specs and saw that it requires well drained soil and wont work well in clay. Clay is all we’ve got in this darned valley.

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