Google Inner Space

John Battelle speculates about another way Google could apply their Google Earth technology — imagine the vast libraries of electron microscope photography that’s been amassed in the fields of biology and physics, or all of the micro-camera footage captured by doctors traveling through patients’ blood streams and colons, being applied as a sort of MicroSpace or InnerSpace mapping service, allowing anyone anywhere to “fly” through the micro-world of virtually anything. It’s a fascinating idea.

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  1. For sure. The semantic web is only ever going to be a database, with tagging and a body of information. The Micro will be the larger body of knowlege as it pervades the macro.

    A very big task, google would want a good relationship with every hospital and university on the planet.

    On the intellectual property rites side, science is being starved of funding with multinationals determining the direction of most research.

    The oportunity for wikipedias “wikiversity” and University of the 3rd age should be in on this act.

    Anything that breaks the stiffling grip of capitalism, viva pure science, viva an educated planet!

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