Human Body Store

Miles: If you want a tummy you have to buy one at the human body store.
Me: What else can you get there?
Miles: Noses, ears, hair. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!
Me: How much does a tummy cost?
Miles: Ten
Me: Ten what?
Miles: Ten dollars.
Me: How much is a dollar?
Miles: A dollar is ten cents.
Me: What else can you buy with a dollar?
Miles: Toes.
Me: What if you need fingers to go with the toes?
Miles: Fingers are a little bit bigger than toes so fingers cost five cents.
Me: And what else could you do with the money?
Miles: We’ll give it to the animal shelter.
Me: Why do the animals need it?
Miles: Because the animals have nothing to buy.
Me: How much do you think a dog costs?
Miles: Because a dog is big a dog costs… [goes to weigh and measure himself, determines his height by holding a tape measure horizontally across his head]… now my head is bigger than last time!
Me: How big is your head now?
Miles: [Makes a circle with his arms to indicate 2 feet around] … A dog costs forty cents.
Me: What’s bigger – cents or dollars?
Miles: Cents.
Me: What kind of store would you go to if you wanted to buy a tail?
Miles: Daddy, I can make a notebook with my hands – watch! [scribbles in his palm] …

6 Replies to “Human Body Store”

  1. I just read that conversation to my wife and 3.75 yr old son, sitting next to me.

    Nathan laughed. “That’s funny.”

    Jenni smiles. “I can relate to that conversation. I’ve had that conversation!”

  2. Scot, I love your blog entries about Miles. You communicate so beautifully the imagination and reasoning of a little kid that I almost feel like I’m witnessing it firsthand.

  3. What a great dialog! I agree with larry, you have a very nice touch for conveying the magic of Miles’ thinking. Do you record these conversations and then transcribe them?

  4. Thanks Larry and Dylan! I sometimes hesitate to post the Miles stuff. Who wants to read about yet another blogger’s kid? But I know it’s worthwhile getting this stuff down while I can, so why not here?

    The only dialogs that make it into the computer are when he starts talking to me *while* I’m near a keyboard. If it occurs to me that it’s worth saving, I’ll just keep up the conversation and start typing madly, then go back and clean up the typos.

  5. “Who wants to read about yet another blogger’s kid?”

    I, for one, do. But then again, I’m a freakin’ weirdo.

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