Halloween in the ‘Burbs

Miles was a brave knight in shining armor. Of course I ended up carrying the shield and sword most of the way, but he made quite a haul. At a couple of doors, for no apparent reason, when prodded to say “Thank you,” he instead broke into song: “Knights are brave and strong, and queens are never wrong.” At one point, heading up towards a dark-ish porch, turns to me and says “No daddy, you stay back there” – wanted to approach the door by himself. Of course that was the house where he was greeted by a big hairy gorilla and a robotic Frankenstein singing a mash-up of a Men-At-Work song. Scared the brave right out of my little knight (who wouldn’t be?)

Just after returning home, heard a thud and a clattering sound coming from the back of the house. Went out to find the lower leg and foot of a mechanical skeleton, electrical cord dangling, just landed in our back yard. 13-year-olds screaming off into the darkness of the next block.

Music: Plus-Tech Squeezebox :: MILK TEA

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