Devo Live

Miles Flowerpot Posted back in June about the fact that Devo are touring again. Embarrassing or not, knew I had to get me a slice of that goodie good good Jocko spud gravy. Went with Roger last night to see how the Boojie Boys sounded in their mid-40s / early 50s. Missed start of the show, but arrived in time to hear Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA, Wiggly World, and a few other choice “Duty Now for the Future”-era bits. They weren’t exactly spastic (one could call that a necessary condition for true de-vo), but neither was it the slightest bit lazy, sad, riding-the-coat-tails-of-the-past pathetic. A big chunk of the Devo catalog has real lasting value, and manages not to sound dated (either that or my ears haven’t evolved). And yes, it rocked.

Above: With absolutely no prodding from me, Miles arrives independently at the idea that flowerpots make great hats.

Music: Cab Calloway :: Boog It

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