Viva Eudora

Eudora is dead. Long live Eudora.

More info in the press release. Looks like there are already plans to blend Eudora and Thunderbird into a hybrid client:

The Penelope project’s intention is to join the Eudora user experience with the Mozilla platform. We intend to produce a version of Eudora that is open source and based on mozilla and Thunderbird. It’s *not* our intention to compete with Thunderbird; rather, we want to complement it. We are committed to both preserving the Eudora user experience and to maintaining maximum compatibility, for both developers and users, with Thunderbird. It is our goal to build a single development community around Thunderbird and Eudora, so that both mailers advance faster than they previously have.”

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  1. This is cool news. I recall using Eudora for several years at work and being quite happy with it, tho’ now I’m stuck in Exchange/Outlook hell… :P

  2. I still use Eudora, for everyday tasks like filtering, search, spam detection and multi-account handling it beats the pants off Thunderbird.

    Every time I have to do a search across multiple accounts I’m reminded how user-hostile open-source software can be

  3. really feels like “the sweet spot” to me – right size, right UI. A few features I’d like to see, but it’s stable, smart, capable, unobtrusive. I personally don’t feel compelled to try Thunderbird again, or Penelope.

  4. I’ve begun the process of migrating to Apple, in the form of moving a bunch of old email messages (325 megs!) into EagleFiler. Although I know that it’s going to require some adjustment, I’ve become kind of excited by the idea of switching, because I’ve just gotten so tired of Eudora not quite fitting in on OS X.

    And I’m not terribly optimistic about the news of Eudora migrating to the Thunderbird platform. I’ve loved Eudora for more than a decade, but I just don’t think the Eudora–><–Thunderbird mashup is going to be right for me; I’ve hated Thunderbird every time I’ve tried it, and no one has provided any insight into how grafting Eudora’s interface onto Thunderbird is going to be an improvement on either.

  5. I think you’ll like it a lot Michael. You might find a few missing features here and there, but you’ll also find some things does that Eudora doesn’t. And I’m sure it’ll be nice to be rid of all those windows floating all over the place.

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