Giant Swiss

Giant Swiss

Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? Not in the case of the Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife, which includes all 85 tools made by the company in a single knife. Individually, any tool on this knife could be a lifesaver. Assembled in small collections, synergy kicks in and its overall utility expands. But due to its size and extreme awkwardness, I can’t imagine it would be easy to deploy any single tool on this 9″, nearly-3-pound behemoth. Includes such invaluable assets as a golf shoe spike wrench, shortix key, bike spoke adjuster, and a “snap shackle,” whatever that is. Won’t fit in your pocket, you object? No worries – it comes with a keyring so you can attach it unobtrusively to a belt buckle. They’re practically giving this thing away at $800.

Music: Johnny Dyani Sextet :: Magwaza

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