Knights are Boring

Miles: Daddy, did you know that knights are brave and strong?

Me: Yes, I did know that.

Miles: Yes, but the most important thing is that knights are borrriiiinnnng.

Me: Where did you hear that knights are boring?

Miles: I heard a dragon say it.

A few minutes later he started bring me O’Reilly books (one on bash and another on XML) and asking me to read them to him. Strangely, he didn’t become bored immediately. Then we tried out a few bash commands. Miles can now do arrow-up, and can cat the root crontab and can type du -h all by himself. I told him he was a Unix Weenie and he went running around the house singing gleefully: “I’m a Unix Weenie! I’m a Unix Weenie!”

Music: John Zorn, George Lewis, Bill Frisell :: Eastern Incident

7 Replies to “Knights are Boring”

  1. What kind of Satanic child-rearing experiment have you and Amy been conducting these last few years??!!


  2. Next teach him nice, and when he’s being unruly in public instead of telling him to “settle down” you can say, “nice your output to /dev/body, please.”

  3. Pirates and Ninja’s agree, Cowboys Suck. Knights are a close second.

    Awesome news on the command line h4x0r, did he just like the covers?

  4. Maybe the dragon meant, like, as a snack, they’re boring. I’ve never known a dragon to be wrong, either, I might mention. You’ve got a real prodigy there.

    I wonder if Miles’d dig NetHack…

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