4 Replies to “Colbert on Zorn”

  1. There’s plenty of more traditional Zorn out there too, they just quoted some of his more…. out there stuff.. I’ve always felt that the whole point of his work is to push on the boundaries of acceptable anyway, so I doubt he’d be surprised to find himself being criticized, whether it was in jest or not.

  2. Oh yeah – Zorn has a huge range, and is a great player.

    My first reaction to this was “how naive,” but you have to remind yourself sometimes that Colbert is pretending to be Bill O’Reilly, so there are several levels of tongue-in-cheek going on there.

  3. I would think that someone on the writing staff (or Colbert himself) must be a fan to even be AWARE of him.. :)

    My friend is actually the brother-in-law of a Colbert writer, I’ll ask him for some recon. :)

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