A subculture about which I knew nothing until today: Infiltration, aka Urban Exploration — a hobby/practice all about getting into places where people aren’t supposed to go (without getting caught). There are beautiful spaces all around us that we never get to see, because we’ve been successfully trained to obey the language of fences and signs. Urban Explorers even have their own ‘zine (though most of the scene has moved online). Abandoned buildings, ferry boat engine rooms, old factories… Some places are totally unguarded, others heavily so (which is half the fun). Urban Explorers take care not to litter, get hurt, or absorb toxins. It’s all about the hunt (and the photosthese are lovely).

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  1. Oh, man, are you missing out. :)

    Granted, I haven’t done much since Nathan was born, but I used to have a ball. Exploring abandoned (but fenced) 50s-era amusement parks, the shut-down State Pen in Ohio before it was demolished for a hockey stadium, tunnels under Ohio State campus, an few old factories.

    Even in the more legitimate end, it’s always fun to find areas that have gone by the wayside. Roads long shut down, overgrown cobblestone stairs in parks that lead to trails so long forgotten they can barely be made out, strange space that may have had purpose but not staying power.

    Life is full of neat things.

  2. thanks for the awesome set of links. this is something i’ve been interested in learning more about, and there’s one Cambridge bldg in particular i’ve been casing for a while to figure out how to get into… maybe ninjalicious’ book will help me get up the nerve….

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