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The Mac OS analog to SourceForge: “Mac OS Forge is dedicated to supporting the developer community surrounding open source components specific to Mac OS X.” None of the usual Apple branding there, though it is an Apple production. Cool to see they’ve already released the source to Calendar Server (for supporting iCal workgroups), which will be built into Leopard Server (itself not due for another nine months). And it’s Darwin, which means it’ll be possible to run it on Windows and *nix servers, just like Quicktime Streaming Server.

Mail-App-Rss Unrelated nifty: Looks like there will be an RSS reader built into in Leopard (via Nothing innovative there – Thunderbird and others already do RSS – but it’ll be nice to have. Let’s hope it’s better than the craptastic RSS reader built into Safari.

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  1. I was especially excited to see that darwinports is being reintroduced as macports. I prefer darwinports to fink, but with opendarwin shutting down it looked like the project was done (at least to someone who doesn’t look too closely at the politics of these things).

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