King of the Mondegreens

Now that The Archive has been collecting user votes for a few months, I’ve created a Funniest lyrics page, showing aggregate vote tallies for the top 250 lyrics. It’s been interesting watching vote counts go up and down, as most votes seem to cancel each other out. 5,000 page views may result in a net positive of just 50 or so “Funny” votes (I see this phenomenon with the submissions backlog as well). Unsurprisingly, the collective consciousness considers the bawdiest mishearances the funniest. Which is a shame, since it pushes brilliant mishearances like Clown control to Mao Tse Tung toward the bottom of the list. But that’s democracy. For ya.

Music: Half Man Half Biscuit :: On Passing Lilac Urine

4 Replies to “King of the Mondegreens”

  1. hard to deny the genius of a seven year old singing “stab, in the liver, your mummy or your wife”


  2. Hey Dylan – The FAQ already does link to the Carroll column! (has for years). And no, I don’t mind linking to competitor sites at all — that’s what makes the web strong. The days of thinking it’s bad to encourage users off to other sites are, hopefully, long behind us. If anything, I think it enhances credibility. Not that The Archive is a place that needs to worry about credibility :)

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