The Myth of Disarray

Bathroom Remodel 1 We’re at it again — this time ripping out the small “ship’s head” bathroom to replace sub-floor and joists. Years of water damage (thanks previous owner!) have finally caught up with the house. But happy to say that for this round, we’re paying for the work rather than doing it ourselves (thanks home equity line!). Last summer’s remodel of the main bathroom dragged on for six months, squeezing tasks into spare hours here and there – will be great to have this whole thing done in a few weeks.

Speaking of disarray, just listening to a radio pundit (missed the name) commenting on the usual bromides about how the Democratic party is in disarray, and thought he made a really good point: The semantic loop-de-loop is in the definition of “array”: The normal state of any political party is to have an array of viewpoints, with some loose unification. We don’t say that major league baseball is in disarray just because some teams are winning and others losing. An array of competing views represents health for a system, just like bio-diversity represents the health of an ecosystem. You could say that any political system is in disarray, when what you really mean is that its members aren’t robotically aligned on every point.

Somehow, the myth of disarray doesn’t quite map onto the situation in our small bathroom.

Music: Tom Tom Club :: Lorelei

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