Marxist Thing

Hooked up with old Adamation crewmate and current vlogger Leslye James at SXSW. At 2:30 into SXSW Revisited, I show Leslye how to roll factory-perfect cigarettes while ambling down Austin sidewalks and commenting on how the massive pile of loose Legos they put out for attendees looked at the end of the week like the physical embodiment of a failed wiki.

Music: The Carter Family :: The Birds Were Singing Of You

4 Replies to “Marxist Thing”

  1. Dylan, I think you’ve just stumbled on a great example of a thing that’s *really hard* to demonstrate online. Shout me a Maker’s one night and I’ll show you…

  2. I should amend that – clearly video is a great way to demonstrate this kind of thing on the internet, but with rolling smokes, there’s something really touchy feely / close-up that video doesn’t quite get at. Almost, but not quite.

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