3 Steps to Highly Efficient News Reading

The irony of using supposedly time-saving aggregators and services like Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Populicious, RSS readers, etc. is that they don’t save you any time at all if you’re not disciplined in your application of them — otherwise you quickly lose any time advantage by filling the void with more and more feeds. Daniel Miessler:

One of the main problems we as information fetishists face is the lack of a solid, repeatable methodology for processing new input online. Too often we bounce back and forth between this site and that site, maybe check a blog or two, and then half-heartedly label the task of “reading news” as completed. This approach is not only a really poor way to stay on top of what’s new, but it’s also very anti-GTD.

Miessler has written up his personal methodology of news consumption as a sort of guide. Some good tips there, but not sure I could ever swing that way – for me, the fun of the surf is in bouncing around with some element of randomness. I seem to be attracted to exactly the behavior that Miessler finds inefficient.

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