Chris Bliss

He’s not juggling 19 plates or anything like that, but even with just three objects, this is some of the most graceful, awe-inspiring juggling I’ve ever seen — and in perfect grace with the Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers.” The finale is intense. More at Chris Bliss.

Thanks Barry

3 Replies to “Chris Bliss”

  1. holy smokes!

    i’d seen links to that around the web for a few days, but didn’t actually watch it till i came across the embeddedness here. thanks for posting it!

  2. Thanks for that Vic – Quite amazing. Not sure I agree that he’s better … he’s just amazing in a different way. Five balls is harder of course, but the three balls allows more room for grace, I think, and Bliss seems more graceful overall to me. Still, this was stunning.

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