E-Mail Updates Are Back

Got some great feedback at SXSW about the weekly Birdhouse email updates… ironically just after I broke them by switching to WordPress. Took a look around at available plugins to replicate the functionality in WP, but came up short, so last night modified my mtblogmail script to work with WordPress (as wpblogmail, of course). E-mail updates should resume this Sunday night, and the Subscribe box has been restored to the sidebar. Not sure whether I’ll release wpblogmail as a public script… will take some cleaning up and rejiggering to get it ready.

Also got a number of comments about the current generic theme we’re using here — this is a temporary thing, and I’m still officially Naked in Public until I get some variant of the old theme really nailed down.

Music: Jones Evans and Turner :: Someone at the Door

3 Replies to “E-Mail Updates Are Back”

  1. Absolutely willing to share – will try to package up something basic tonight, with the caveat that it may need some non-conf code tweaking to work – but I’ll give you a hand with that if needed.

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