Google Toolbar for B’House

New link to the right (bottom): Add Birdhouse to Google Toolbar. If you have the toolbar installed, you can now search Birdhouse directly and also get quick access to new posts. Windows-only, until Goog releases versions for other OSes. Toolbar XML thanks to Niall Kennedy.

Thanks for the push on this, Colleen

Update: The toolbar is broken since moving from MT to WordPress recently.  I’ll update this again when I have a fix in place.

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3 Replies to “Google Toolbar for B’House”

  1. I get an error from Google when I click the link, telling me I need to use IE, which is prettry funny considering it’s coming from a link on your site to a link on your site.

    I run XP, Firefox 1.501 (checking for update next) and The Google Toolbar, which probably also merits an update check after this error.

    Here’s what I get:

    Custom Buttons Not Available for Your Browser

    Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a version of the Google Toolbar for your browser that supports custom buttons.

    You can install the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer 6 or later, which supports custom buttons. Download now.

    Once you’ve installed the Toolbar, use Internet Explorer to open page where you found the custom button and try installing it again.

  2. whoops that should read “to a link for your site”.

    Also I didn’t notice it before the comment, but the long URL above breaks the window formatting even in 1024×768 res and has the URL poking over the right column, and looks like it should be wrapping the URL to stay within the content frame. The way it’s overlaying is different — at least it doesn’t break the layout of the side frame — but it looks like something that needs a minor tweak.

  3. Yeah, the toolbar is on my to-fix list (believe me, there’s a lot). Will probably need to re-do that code from scratch. I’ll update this post so peeps don’t get the wrong idea.

    The text wrapping problem for un-fold-able text strings is not uncommon on CSS-based sites, though it’s usually more of a problem for MSIE than for FF (I’m seeing it on FF as well). Not sure there’s anything that can be done for that other than to not include really wide un-fold-able content…

    Thanks for the reports!

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