Seamless Gutters

Gutter Crease This winter has been an ongoing battle against under-house moisture and in-house mildew, in part due to the previous owner allowing gutters at a corner of the house to spill their load next to the foundation for years. We’ve been jamming on the beast, installing vapor barriers under the house, caulking baseboards and floor cracks, repainting closets with mildew-resistant paint, ripping out the strange 1940s built-in shoe racks that had warped and were letting in-wall air into the house… a brutal seek and destroy mission.

Fixed the corner gutter a long time ago, but gutters in general are slip-shod — four mismatched systems assembled over the years, held together with bailing wire and chewing gum. Finally decided it was time for new ones.

Gutter Dude claimed that his gutters were “seamless.” I wondered, since one length of the house is almost 60 ft., could they have a truck long enough to bring in seamless gutters? “We make them on the spot,” he claimed, “With your choice of paint already baked in.” Huh? Today it all made sense — they arrive with a trailer rig bearing a big roll of colored aluminum ribbon, and press it through a creasing machine to exact lengths. Simple and brilliant.

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  1. Marlin, it’s been a long time now and I don’t remember exactly, but it came to $3k for the entire house and garage. The house is about 70’x40′ and the garage about 20’x20′.

  2. Most companies tout their “seamless gutters,” but basically all reputable gutter installers provide seamless gutters. It’s just marketing terminology really, because in most cases, non-seamless gutters don’t hold water the same way!
    -Jake Paul, Manager, Gutter People Bucks County

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