Hands Off My Internet!

Verizon, AT&T, BellSouth and their ilk are tired of net neutrality – the principle that “packets is packets,” and all should be passed along as equals. Net neutrality is one of the things that makes things “just work.” If these megacorps have their way with Congress, they intend to start double dipping – charging customers for broadband access, and also charging Google, Amazon, eBay etc. for bandwidth by giving preferential treatment to packets from companies that pony up.

Bellsouth’s William L. Smith told reporters that he would like the Internet to be turned into a “pay-for-performance marketplace” where his company would be allowed, for example, to charge Yahoo for the right to have its site load faster than Google.

Similar quotes from clue-free CEOs here. Common Cause is running the Hands Off Our Internet! campaign to let execs know they’re harshing our mellow.

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