Chanterelle Hunting

Chantrelles Two days this weekend in the dreaded claustrophobic bowels of our house’s crawlspace, installing a 6 mil vapor barrier (we’re in pitched battle with household moisture problems – gutters, french drains, caulking, mildew-resistant paint, dehumidifier, the works). On belly in mud, no space to work, ribs bruised from pushing through the tiny access point… exhausted and rubbery after today’s session, but just enough time for a quick shower and to hop in the car with [dude] and head for the Berkeley Hills to do some mushroom hunting.

It’s wild Chanterelle and Oyster mushroom season, and the rains have been kind this year. I’d never been, but had always wanted to. No walk in the park! These guys grow on the sides of steep hills, in deep underbrush far from the main paths, under logs, amidst thorn bushes. Two hours of pushing through thickets, puffing up hills, sliding into mud bogs, and we ended up with almost five pounds of forest delicacies (yes, [dude] knows which ones are dangerous).

Actually, it was almost all Chanterelles – I spied the monster Oyster sprouting from a log just as we were heading out at the end of the day. Tomorrow will have a glorious saute’ session and do a pasta. Tonight I’m elastic.

Music: Andre Previn :: No Words For Dory

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