VW Van Jump

This looks like fun (though I cringe for that poor suspension). Indestructible, those things. Remember being fascinated as a kid by the fact that VWs were sealed on the bottom and could float, as long as the door seals held.

Music: Digable Planets :: Swoon Units

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  1. Eek. And as for floating, my first car (a ’68 bug) certainly did not float in the flood in my home town, back in ’85. Well, one end did – the end with the gas tank and no engine and transaxle in it. I think that, in addition to the fact that the car was nearly twenty years old, the floating thing came before they put the heating system in. I can’t think of anything that would stop the water pouring down the fan shroud into the heater boxes, and from there through the vents into the car. Yes there were dampers in the heating system, but they weren’t what you’d call tight.

    My new bug (2003 TDI) would probably sink like a brick. But oh heavens it’s good to drive a bug again.


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