Blogging for Educators

Tuesday, January 17, noon: I’ll be offering a one-hour presentation to UC Berkeley’s Webnet group (campus web developers and editors) on the topic of blogging in the educational environment, with emphasis on tech considerations. It’ll be a fairly rushed overview with Q&A on running high-traffic multi-blog installations, editorial concerns, audio/video blogging, RSS, dealing with comment spam, tweaking platforms to work as content management systems, etc. If you’d like to attend, contact me for details.

This will be my first public presentation using Keynote, which is a deep breath of sweet, compressed air compared to PowerPoint.

Music: Erik Satie :: Fugue Litanique

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  1. I have been using keynote since its inception and have liked it better than PPT the whole time. It, of course, has had some painful inadequacies until the most recent version. I was very happy to see that you can now add multiple bulleted lists to a slide. That one was a head-scratcher as to why it is only now just appearing. I like Pages a LOT more than version 1.0. It interacts very well with Keynote sharing graphics and tables. Incidentally, I can’t get enough of that “reflection” effect. I sure wish Apple would make a simple graphics tool that would apply the effects you see in keynote/pages to stand-alone images. Apple’s drop shadow blows away everyone else’s. I like how they incorporate spreadsheet ability now in with the tables but it is just too primitive atm. Full spreadsheet functionality in their tables may indeed be a killer feature and perhaps the way they should handle this in iWork. Just my $0.02.

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