Gas Prices Around the World

Quit complaining, Yankee. The Dutch are paying the equivalent of $6.48/gallon for petrol. On the other hand, Venezuelans are practically paid to haul it away — they pay a mere $0.12/gallon. Accounting for the disparity is government policy — from huge taxes to extreme subsidies. Wonder which country on the list comes closest to actual free-market prices.

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  1. In (Adelaide) Australia: AU$1.25/L.

    From Google: 1 litres = 0.264172051 US gallons
    And: 1 Australian dollars = 0.7569 U.S. dollars

    ∴ AU$1.25 = US$0.95

    ∴ Cost of petrol in US$/gallon ≈ $3.60/gallon.

    Not as bad as the Dutch, but… (or the Poms)

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