Three-Armed Clown

Miles suddenly became very curious about what I did at work all day.

“Do you have lots of toys at your work?”

“Well, not really, but I do have a good time. Most of the time.”

“Do you have a park at your work?”

“No, but we have some grass where we can sit and eat lunch.”

“Are there a lot of kids to play with at your work?”

“Ummm, depends what you mean by kids.”

“Daddy, do you have a funny clown at your work with three arms?”

“See son, it’s like this…”

Music: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band :: When Big Joan Sets Up

3 Replies to “Three-Armed Clown”

  1. While I know you can never tell where kids’ imaginations come from (or where they will go), sometimes I really wonder what you do with your son dude. :-)

    And I’ll go on the record in saying that I would have a hard time finding a clown with three arms anything but scary. Definitely not funny. Well, maybe – depends on how good he is with jokes.

  2. Heh – And I don’t even post the weirdest ones. Yesterday I got email from Amy at work informing me that Miles had had a bad dream during naptime. He was crying, she asked him to tell her about the dream.

    “We were trying to build something and we couldn’t fix it and we had to leave it that way and we couldn’t fix it.”

    “What were you trying to build?”

    “We were trying to build boogers!”

    “What were you using to build the boogers?”


  3. Miles’ dream perfectly describes many a rewiring session in our data center. Trying to fix things we can’t. Boogers and yarn everywhere. Slipping into naptime in the middle of the night… zzzzzzz…..

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