Albany Bulb

57 Images from a sunset walk with Miles and Amy at the Albany Bulb, June 1, 2005. The Bulb is a local landmark – artists (many of them homeless) use this strut of land jutting out into the harbor to create installations improvised from existing junk and ingredients brought onto the land in wagons drawn by pedaled trikes. Repeat visits bring new discoveries. The light is nearly edible at sunset. Rust and graffiti and plant life in chaotic collaboration. Deterioration part of the artistic process, always a joy. Miles mostly concerned with finding rocks to huck into the sea, but occasionally adds his own contributions to the public spectacle.

Music: Palace :: All Gone, All Gone

3 Replies to “Albany Bulb”

  1. By the Fact that they have a Place to Belong, does that not make them Homeless any more?
    I know it sounds like Political Correctness, but I hate the term ‘Homeless’. They may be ‘Houseless’, and live on the streets, or in a Hostel, or even an abandoned ex-landfill, but by definition, that means that they do have a Home.

  2. Those are some gorgeous photos, Scot. The waterfront here in Williamsburg Bklyn was sort of like that years ago, before gentrification sunk its claws into the neighborhood.

  3. Daniel, it’s probably inaccurate of me to say the artists are homeless. Many of them are, but I’m sure a lot of stuff is done there by non-homeless artists. I don’t dislike the term homeless, but I think it’s misused here, so have changed that.

    Larry, thanks!

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