I’m one of those people who don’t see numbers in most of the color-blindness crop circles. Have never minded, nor known what I’m missing (though I have at times felt bored by the available spectrum and daydreamed that some genius will come up with a new primary color one of these days). Vischeck helps normally-sighted people visualize how the world looks to color-blind people — a process that proved fascinating to Amy just now.

But the really cool thing at Vischeck is their web page processor, constructed to help web designers see how their sites will look to color blind users. Running the test in deuteranopia mode, pages look identical to me before and after.

I had been on the job two years before I learned that most people see the J-School‘s homepage as greenish — I had always thought of it as beige or tan. The designer who preceded me should have used Vischeck :)

Note: Planned downtime at the jschool today as we undertake a Tiger Server upgrade.

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6 Replies to “Deuteranopic”

  1. I just brought up the J-School page and it looked beige or tan to me as well, and I am not color blind (I can make out all the numbers in the “crop circles”).

  2. In a straw poll I conducted in a class recently, about 60% of people said they saw it as greenish, so the ratio is much higher than the percentage of people who are color blind. But the people who do see it as greenish are quite adamant about it, including the person who originally designed it! Weird.

  3. It seems more greenish here at work, but I still wouldn’t call it green….. Perhaps it is a Mac vs. PC Gamma thing, or a LCD vs. CRT thing….

  4. Wow, with that simulator you can see all of the slices in my badly sliced menu! Crap! Can you see those? Plus being all periwinkle and yellow instead of turquoise and orange. I couldn’t get our department webpage to load, it seems to hate the code.

    And, the jschool site is green, man.

  5. In Photoshop, the background.gif is using “CCCC99” that means equal amounts of red and green and comes out to R:204 G:204 B:153. That puts it pretty solidly into beige. I think people who see this as green are using un-calibrated monitors.

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