Etymology of Baba O’Riley

Recently discovered that the title of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” (the swirling keyboard intro of which I used as the soundtrack to a speech given by a talking moose to Amy at our wedding five years ago) is derived from the names of composer Terry Riley, who gave Pete Townsend the idea for the synthesizer part, and spiritual teacher Meher Baba, who was Townshend’s spiritual guru at the time. The things you learn.

Music: Raymond Scott :: Peter Tambourine

2 Replies to “Etymology of Baba O’Riley”

  1. Great intro on Baba O’Reilly…I also like the live version with sweet fiddlin’ at the end…

    Would love to hear the talking moose speech story sometime…very romantic…

  2. Ron, there are a few pics of the moose’s speech here.

    It went like this. During the reception, after cake, the lights suddenly dimmed and a friend of mine plugged in a large purple spotlight as the intro to Baba O’Riley came up on the speakers. The spotlight wandered the walls and ceiling in time to the music, and came to rest on a stuffed moose head. When it landed, the moose began to speak – actually me behind a pillar with a microphone. A funny / romantic speech.

    The moose head actually has a jaw wired to speak, controlled by a string, but the panel to access the string was behind a locked cabinet controlled by the old boys’ network, and I wasn’t able to gain access. So we had to pretend that the jaw was flapping.

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