The GOP ain’t what it used to be. After 25 years of affiliation with the Republican party, attorney James Chaney is calling it quits. Chaney writes for the Eugene Register-Guard:

My Republican Party was the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, and George H.W. Bush. It was a party of honesty and accountability. It was a party of tolerance, and practicality and honor. It was a party that faced facts and dealt with reality, and that crafted common-sense solutions to problems based on the facts as they were, not as we wished them to be, or even worse, as we made them up. It was a party that told the truth, even when the truth came hard. And now, it is none of those things.

Not sure I agree that the GOP was traditionally a party of honesty and accountability, but it sure as hell isn’t now. Disaffection seems be a growing trend as the needle on the seisomograph of extremism continues to wander off the charts.

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2 Replies to “Disaffection”

  1. I feel for the guy. I do have some “conservative” leanings myself, but I hardly ever use that word. It’s been tainted by the misbehavior of people who incorrectly use it for themselves, rather like “evangelical.” My “conservatism” is much more akin to some degree of libertarianism (hi, mneptok :) or is at times similar to what’s called “paleo-conservatism.”

    The GOP and the current right-wing are none of these things. They’re an unholy alliance of neo-conservatives (a.k.a. Neo-Jacobians) and extremist, Christian right-wingers who want to use the power of Big Gov’t to foist their views on everyone else (and to drain the Treasury to pay for their overseas adventurism). Bah! a pox on all of them :)

  2. Chaney is also mentioned in the June 28 entry of Jack Whelan’s excellent blog After the Future. Just scroll down to the 28th and look for “A GOP Man of Principle.”

    Whelan is quite often an excellent read…

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