Subwoofer Time Capsule

Cleaning out the office today, moving an old and buggy Cambridge SoundWorks sat-sub computer speaker system to the garage, heard a mysterious rattle from within. Shining a light down through it’s vent and tilting it side-to-side, spied a little race car and a few other unidentified objects. Uh-oh. Tried to shake them out, but the vent was shaped like a lobster trap — no way were these things coming out easily. Removed nine screws from backing plate, lifted out the crossover, uncovered following items:

– 2 Gerber pacifiers, extra small
– One blue/yellow Cheerios-branded race car
– One Canon lithium-ion digital camera battery

There was a period of about six months when Miles was half his current age when he loved to crawl around under my desk among the wires and cables — hasn’t done that for a long time. The size of the pacifier suck-plugs pegged the time of insertion at around 1.5 years ago (his mouth was smaller then). We had forgotten all about the Cheerios car. The missing camera battery had driven us crazy for months. “I know we couldn’t have lost it… it’s got to be around here somewhere…” Finally bought a new one. Now we have two, which is fine.

Somehow we found the discovery heartwarming. Love/hate his growing up, that he doesn’t do this kind of stuff anymore. It’s all about Tinkertoys and Bob the Builder now.

Music: The Astors :: In The Twilight Zone

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