It’s interesting to see how differently people using Birdhouse Hosting services. Some set up a domain and do nothing with it for months (or ever). Others are heavy-hitters, consuming massive amounts of bandwidth and CPU. Some set up great sites with no interest in using email services, while others register domains for the sole purpose of email, with no interest in running a site.

Another interesting distinction: While most users handle email through a desktop mail client (some, like me, almost obsessive, always in search of the perfect mail app) and view webmail as an inconvenience one is forced to use when on the road or at an alien machine, I’ve come to accept that increasing numbers of people aren’t even aware that desktop mail clients exist. A lot of people — especially students, who float from machine to machine — live in webmail. Just explaining to some users that there is life beyond webmail can be tricky. has been an email-only user for more than two years. Klugman was actually Birdhouse’s very first customer, and has been a heavy email user with no site to represent her food and wine marketing/promotion business. Today we set up something simple; more to come.

Music: Tom Zé :: Cartilha De Parceiros

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