Lion’s Mouth

Miles Lionhead2 Miles Lionhead1

30+ years ago, used to spend summer afternoons at Atascadero Lake and its adjoining zoo. It was a crappy little lake, but it was what we had (spent a lot more time in the ocean than in the lake; this is where we’d go for company picnics, playdates with cousins, etc). Hadn’t given a thought since then to the fiberglass lion head / drinking fountain at the zoo entrance, and was amazed last weekend to find it still intact, despite total reconstruction of the zoo (much for the better). Miles ran right up to it, worked the handle himself, got totally doused. A rush of memories came flooding back. Comforting to see that a few good things occasionally withstand the ravages of modernization.

Music: Mekons :: Psycho Cupid

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  1. Yeah, felt the same way the first time I took my son to the San Antonio Zoo. Not nearly as big and nice as the ones in places like Oklahoma City, Chicago or San Diego – but flood of memories indeed :) Remember visiting from Austin in the early 60’s as a preschooler and seeing my first zoo…

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