8% Tanker, 92% Us

At the zoo last weekend, an info kiosk presented by Dawn dishwashing liquid on the effects of motor, crude, and other oils in the oceanic environment on wild birds (Dawn has always been the detergent of choice in bird rescue efforts). Interesting factoid: Of the roughly 24 million gallons of oil humans introduce into the world’s oceans yearly, only 8% can be attributed to tanker spills. The rest comes from jet skis, boats, airplanes, and runoff from cities.

Tip: “Place cooking oils and fats in a sealed container in the garbage rather than pouring them down the kitchen drain.” Have to confess, I had never made the connection on that one.

Generally skeptical of corporate attempts to appear as enviro do-gooders, but can’t fault Proctor & Gamble for donating thousands of gallons of detergent over the years to clean up birds.

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  1. Apart from the environmental impact, it also leads to coated outflow pipes and hence, clogged drains. We have an aluminum can we use for fat, grease, and oil disposal.

  2. Take any glass jar (mayo jar, spaghetti sauce, etc.) and use that for grease and fat disposal. Plastic is no good for oil containment and aluminum cans cannot be closed tightly to prevent spillage. Stash the jar out of sight in a dry place and toss it when it’s full.

    It’s not pretty but it prevents clogged drains.

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