Heads on a Platter

Video archives from our last New Media Training Conference are now up, and the streamer is getting hit hard with requests for a presentation by Bob Cauthorn — an industry analyst who virtually handed newspaper executives’ heads to them on a platter for 90 minutes re: the madness of perpetuating business models that have resulted in a steady 30-year slide in product popularity. Cauthorn took ’em to school, no holds barred. Quite an amazing performance to watch live, but plays well on video too (though his slides are tough to read). E-Media Tidbits says of Cauthorn’s presentation, He May Never Get a Newspaper Job Again!. Quickly shaping up to be the most-trafficked video stream we’ve ever served.

The webcast of Amgine from WikiNews is also very worth watching, though a bit dark – didn’t have time to brighten it in post.

Music: King Tubby’s :: King Tubby’s Patient Dub

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