Giant French Rocket Girl and Her Elephant of Royal Luxury

Royal27 Petit Nevermind Burning Man, the French know how to do performance spectacle x 10. From the Nantes festival, celebrating the works of Jules Verne:

“This Thursday, May 19, a rocket landed on the square of the Cathedral. It is a rocket controlled by a small giantess. Our sources of information indicate to us that it is probable that she will leave tomorrow morning… This Friday, the elephant of Royal of Luxury arrived on Saint-Pierre road and the small giantess left her rocket to join it and visit the downtown area.”

P.S. God bless Baby Elephant Walk.

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  1. Hi,

    As a citizen of the city of Nantes, I was at the show during these days and I must say that was a fantastic show indeed! You can see my photos from it on Flickr :

    and from others :

    I shot a hour of video, I want to make a short movie and if anyone is interested I’ll put it on the web.

    “Royal De Luxe” are famous here, this is not the first show they make, a few years ago there was a giant in the city, greater than the little giant girl, and then we saw his son from Africa, with giant giraffes… It is also amazing to see the technique, and all the people working to move these creatures, like Lilliputians…


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