Solar-Powered Web Hosting

Back in 2003 I had this grand vision to offer solar-powered web hosting. That ended up not happening for a bunch of reasons, but great to see that the idea is taking off. Wired:

The panels are not only good for the environment, they’re also good for business. In addition to saving the companies thousands of dollars a month in electric bills, they’re drawing in customers from all over the world who want to host their websites in a green data center.

Of course, the problem a couple of years ago was that I was trying to think of ways to do it all myself. The answer now, clearly, would be to lease a server in a solar datacenter. But I’m not about to undertake another server move right now. Maybe in a few years…

Thanks Dylan.

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  1. My web hosting company offers solar powered web hosting. They are called Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc.(www.AISO.Net) and I have seen the solar panels myself when i visited their data center. There support is awesome and they are never down. I would recommend them to anyone over any other company if looking for web hosting or environmentally friendly web hosting.

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