Killing Michael Moore

From Media Matters:

Clear Channel radio host Glenn Beck said he was “thinking about killing [filmmaker] Michael Moore” and pondered whether “I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it,” before concluding: “No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out — is this wrong?”

Political Puzzle wonders how it would have gone down if Michael Moore said something similar about a right-wing commentator…

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3 Replies to “Killing Michael Moore”

  1. To be fair, I think I heard an interview with this guy after the fact and he played it up as if it was a total tongue in cheek statement. If I remember right, the context of the statement was that they were discussing (initially) would you lose a digit for $50 million? It became a joke when it was asked if you would kill someone for that amount of money. Moore’s name came up and this guy said he would do it for 10. But you are no doubt correct that joke or not, the “right” would be all over a statement like that if it were a liberal, rather than a conservative, who had made the comment. You always have to think about these things in the context of what would you think if the roles were reversed. I am trying hard to remember how I felt about Republicans using parlimentary tactics in committees to block Clinton appointments to the judiciary. I probably didn’t like it but then again, no one was talking about changing parliamentary rules to strip the minority party of its say back in those days.

  2. Sean,

    What are you doing? You are offsetting the liberal balance of such credited “news” sources as Media Matters. Never mind that they only printed (along with an audio clip) the part of the story that worked for their purpose and excluded the complete conversation. Those mean right-wingers should be stopped before they kill everyone. Where will it end? Oh, the humanity.

    BTW, I’m kidding. This is a good way to find propaganda sites. Just search for this topic and you’ll know these sites have nothing to offer. To be fair, you can do the same with the right wing sites by searching for some bogus topic.

    No sides here:

    I just want the truth which is not easy to find in the World Wide Wasteland.

  3. RayJ –

    Amen to that (“I just want the truth”). If I had known the fuller context in advance, I wouldn’t have posted the entry in its current form. No, I don’t sit around all day fact-checking — I whip things off pretty quickly. If something seems interesting, up it goes. This isn’t a newspaper, just a fairly spontaneous weblog. I rely on readers to set things straight, provide further illumination.

    “One day Dan Gillmor had a realization: my readers know way more than I do. …”

    That’s the beautiful power of the interactive web in contrast to traditional media.

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