New Media Summer Public Lecture Series

Another giant week coming up at work, as we prepare for another multimedia training session for mid-career journalists. The same semester-long multimedia program we give to our students, compressed into a five-day crash course. And in the lunch and dinner breaks, we present speakers from organizations doing innovative media stuff. These speaker sessions are open to the public, and most will be webcast live (and archived later):

The J-School is hosting a series of presentations May 23 – 27 on multimedia storytelling, citizen journalism and other new media topics featuring Ken Sands of the Spokane Spokesman-Review; Bob Cauthorn of City Tools; Regina McCombs of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune; Amy Hill of the Center for Digital Storytelling; Dan Gillmor of Grassroots Media; G. Donald Bain of UC Berkeley’s Geography Computing Facility; Landis Bennett of World Wide Panorama; Mary Lou Fulton of Northwest Voice; Amgine (Wayne Saewyc) of Wikinews and Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World. See event details for more information.

Bracing for exhaustion…

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4 Replies to “New Media Summer Public Lecture Series”

  1. These lectures look they they should be pretty good. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Are you going to be at the lunch and dinner presentations?

  2. Andy – Oh yeah – I’ll be there from dawn to late night every day helping with the training, and will be webcasting the presentations. Look for me!

  3. Scot, could you make a post or somehow notify me when the archives of the webcast go up? Sounds like an interesting discussion, shame I missed it

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