Tire Shaving

Got a lovely litle flat on the Subaru a few nights ago – fatal stab wound to the sidewall (well, glass most likely – I doubt we got slashed!), not repairable. So the dealer dryly informs us that because it’s an all-wheel drive, it’s critical that all tires have exactly the same radius. If you mix worn tires with new on an AWD, the constant work of matching rotational speeds in the differential can heat up the drive train and cause damage. Hrmmm… Amy does some quick googling and comes up with this — apparently it’s possible to buy just one new tire and have it shaved — lathed down to match the tread depth of the other three, for a sum total of $35 over the cost of the new tire. Wonder why the dealer didn’t suggest shaving… (a facetious question, in case it wasn’t obvious).

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  1. Thanks for this info. We have a Subaru Forester and had a similar thing happen and we ended up shelling out several hundred bucks for four new tires…

  2. Tire shaving is usually done for racing applications to increase the contact patch and reduce tire squirm; not everyone has the machinery to do it. But if you can get it done, it should save you a lot of $$$.

  3. stop being a dumb ass. it’s not all a big conspiracy to harvest you of your money. get over it, or even better, do the right thing and invest in your own country’s economy, unless your japanese, in which case you’ve made the right purchase already, and furthermore i commend you on your grasp of the English language, grasshopper.

  4. Uncle Jesse, you sound like a damn fool. What’s this patriotism b.s.? I wouldn’t buy an American car if you gave me the money. What’s wrong with his English?
    It certainly sounds better than your run-on, fragmented sentence. Face it, a lot of American stuff sucks.

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