The Life Aquatic and Seu Jorge

Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic gives me hope for the future of filmmaking – I haven’t seen a movie this gorgeously cinematic, this surprising, this full of dry humor and great music and perfect frames one after another for… how long? A masterpiece.

Punctuated throughout by Seu Jorge playing David Bowie songs on acoustic guitar, solo, in Portuguese. “Ziggy Stardust” from the crow’s nest, “Rock and Roll Suicide” from a shack on the beach… poetic and weird and beautiful in a way I never expected. Need to find more Seu…

Music: Wilco :: Theologians

3 Replies to “The Life Aquatic and Seu Jorge”

  1. The soundtrack for the movie has full-length versions of all the Seu covers…. That and a few other tracks are up on iTMS

  2. Yes, someone that can appreciate dry humor and the parody of Empire that Wes has exquisetly encapsulated.
    Seu Jorge has other CD’s for sale online (of course they are not covers, although he does a good job covering Bowie). I like his style so I was thinking of purchasing them. He has some kind of a cult following in Brazil, although he is not extremely popular, YET! He also played the role of Knockout Ned in “City of Gods”; also a good movie.

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