Imitation Giraffe

Long after Miles is supposed to be asleep last night, hear him making noises in his room. Walk in to find him with one foot up on either rail of his crib, hands on the headboard, head held high on an outstretched neck. He’s making weird smacking noises, opening his jaw wide and moshing it shut. He stops to look at me and says “This is how a giraffe eats, Daddy.” Great. While he’s supposed to be asleep, he’s in there doing giraffe impressions for an audience of one.


Amy takes Miles to Petco to look at hamsters and frogs. In an aquarium, one of the fish is dead, lying on the gravel. On the way home, Amy asks if he would like to have a pet. “I want a fish!” “What kind of fish?,” she asks.

“I want a died fish!”

Music: Herbie Mann :: Chain Of Fools

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  1. The funny thing is that we’re trying to get a 30 gal fresh water aquarium “started” and have placed about 10 feeder goldfish in it. Several died in the first, few days so I can help out Miles if you’d like ;->

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