Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth When the first dentist told me it was time to have my wisdom teeth erased at age 40, I ignored him. When the third one told me the same, decided it was now or never. Had heard horror stories of periodontists with their knee up on the patient’s chest, luxating (rocking the pliers forceps back and forth) madly. One friend told me they thought the dentist was going to break their jaw getting the beggars out. So when the perio told me we were going to do this without general anesthesia, I had palpitations. But the procedure went surprisingly smoothly — 5-10 minutes per tooth and they were delivered. Just as the luxation began the assistant walks in: “We have a call from Mr. Hacker’s wife — she’d like us to save the teeth.” I smiled through a mouthful of fingers and gear; that’s just so her (see next post). As the novocain wore off throughout yesterday, the aching began and my throat swelled up. Plenty of couch time, and liquid meals. Today faring better but still in pain. Could have been worse.

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  1. I concur – an emergency wisdom tooth extraction I had done many years ago was the most painless, quick & easy extraction ever !

    I recall from a dentist friend (Be actually had a dentist on staff for while – he built all our PCs for testing etc.) that there are ‘some tricks’ to a good extraction but once mastered it’s not so hard.

  2. I just had all four out 2 weeks ago today. Totally easy, totally not worth living in fear of it for 15+ years. I swelled a little for a couple days, only needed 1 stitch!

    Plus they put me under for it, which made it seem nearly instantaneous!

  3. i just had my wisdom teeth pulled the other day and i’m in pain it’s killing me “ouch!” i can’t talk (and i’m like the person that never shuts up so this is extreemly difficult for me), can’t smile (i love smiling), or even change my expression without excrusiating pain in my mouth. I had a really nice surgeon who gave me laughing gas put a numb-er cream on my arm so i wouldn’t feel the iv go in. However one of my wisdom teeth on the bottom right was compleetly crooked and way under the bone so they had to grind through that to get it out and it freakin kills!!! It hurts so bad it’s insane and i’m going on vacation in 3days so i’m like omg i’m not gonna be able to barley even say a word or eat for 2wks! I hope it heals quick because i can’t even sleep at night it hurts so bad and the vicadin is making me natious no matter how much i eat so i’m taking tylonal with codene and i’m still in massive pain!! Wisdom teeth suck they hurt so bad

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