Birdhouse Hosting welcomes dissemination.org, a collaborative weblog headed up by Eddan Katz, Executive Director of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Still using default MT templates, but it’s a good read.

Before I continue, I must disclose that this past Halloween, I dressed up as an emoticon. It was quite by accident as it turns out, but I went as a sleazy patriotic emoticon. I was on my way back to New Haven from New York and I stopped in a costume store around Union Square on Hallows Eve scavenging for something to wear, when I found a puffy round smiley that seemed just right. Seeming not to be quite enough, I decided to add an American flag eye mask to my outfit, and a cheap clip-on toupee. At that point and on my ride up the Metro-North, I considered myself a smiley face, but it was’t until halfway through the evening that someone suggested to me the explanation that I was an emoticon. The experience made me curious about the history of the emoticon and impressed upon me a possible connection to its 60s Smiley progenitor.

Dissemination has actually been running on birdhouse for a while; just realized I had never announced it!

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  1. Grrrr …. lucky bastards. What I wouldn’t give for a Sally’s pizza or Mamoun’s hummus sandwich right now.

    But hey, it was 70F and sunny today. Just send me the food and let me stay here. :)

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